We believe that a quality product is only ever made under quality conditions, and finally found exactly that we were looking for, so you can rest assured that Primary products are produced in a professional, friendly and upbeat work environment.

Established In 1997
Capital Registered 5,000,000 Baht
Employees 45 persons
ETotal and/ Building 2,500 Sq.M.

We are the best custom metal works in Thailand with a pool of over 200 skilled workers employed under one roof. Quality and exclusiveness comes first in our products and services offered to you. With the best resources available, we are able to offer you a piece of product and on time delivery.

LPhitech places great importance on having an updated machinery for dealing with the most demanding customers. Therefore, we have on average invested in one or two new CNC-controlled machines every year. We have a large selection of machines that can handle most product sizes. All of our CNC-controlled machines are connected to the data network. This enables us to quickly transfer applications, tools, settings, etc. to and from the machines.  We can thus save all programs (regardless of the various controls'storage capacity), and we have good backup procedures. We also perform CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing).